Body Building Meals Plan to Try

Body building meals plan can be tried for all of you who have a dream in perfect body shape. body_building_mealsNot only women who like to look sexy, most of men want to look perfect in front of their women too. That is why they try so many ways to make their body shape perfect. They usually will go to the gym and then do some exercises there. Actually doing exercises only will not be able to give you maximum result. What you need to do is changing your meal habit. You need to combine between exercise and also meal plan. There are some special meal plans that you must do when you like to shape your body. You can get information about this meal plan below and you can try to do it too.

Things to Consider for Best Body Building Meal Plan

Before you try some body building meals, what you need to do is considering some things that will help you to shape your body in perfect way.

  • You need to at 5 up to 6 meals in a day but in small portion. You need to give at least 2 hours break from one meal to other meals. It helps to keep metabolism and energy up and your muscle fed in maximum way.
  • You need to choose best calories to eat in the day and please make sure that you fed your muscle with best calories.
  • You need to consider this composition for your meal : 40% of protein, 40% of carbohydrate and 20% of fat.
  • You need to drink more water because it helps your body to burn fat and shape your muscle too.

Example of Meal Plan

You don’t need to feel confused because you can try some simple meal plans examples here and you can start to grow your muscle to shape your body.

You can do exercises and eat 6 egg whites and one cup of oatmeal for the first meal. Then you can continue with your breakfast. For breakfast menu, you can choose high protein, oil, and meal replacement bar or shake. In the mid morning you can eat 8 oz of lean meat, 2 cup of green vegetables and one cup of brown rice. After that in the afternoon you can eat tuna, leafy salad and whole wheat bagel. For your dinner you can eat 8 oz of lean meat, 2 cups of green vegetables and one baked potato. For your last meal you need to consume meal replacement packet and add it with flaxseed oil. Now, you can start to try your body building meals.