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How to Get Cheap Health Insurance

how to get cheap health insuranceHow to get cheap health insurance is not that easy. You cannot just buy the one you can afford with little money otherwise you will end up paying more to the hospitals when you or your family members get ill. Buying health plans is not that simple. You need to be really careful. All you have to do is buy health plans for you and your family that will meet your needs and your family’s needs. What is actually a health insurance? It is a product offered by an insurance company to specially guarantee or pay health care bills of the ill clients or the clients having accidents.

In general, there are two types of health plans offered by health insurance companies:

  • In-patient treatment (The patients are hospitalized)
  • Out-patient treatment (The patients don’t stay at hospital, clinics, or doctors’ office during the treatment)

Some health insurance companies guarantee accommodation, ICU, doctor’s visit, operation, out-patient treatments, ambulance service, etc. Some health insurance companies pay for critical illnesses as well. If you are confused of how to get a cheap health plan, don’t worry about that, you can always find a way to get cheaper health insurance. Take a look at these ideas below.

How to get cheap health insurance:

  1. Buy a health insurance when you are still young. The younger you are the cheaper the health insurance will be.
  2. Buy a health insurance when you are still strong and healthy.
  3. Choose the family health insurance plans when you buy only one health insurance for the whole family.
  4. Choose the family insurance plans that give you benefit like paying all hospital cost charged to you. If you get ill you will want the health insurance company to pay all the bills charged by hospital, right? Choose this plan otherwise you will get more illness after being hospitalized since you have to pay the rest of the bills.
  5. Choose the promo program. We never know when to get ill or get accident, but we need protection for sure as soon as possible, as young as possible, and as healthy as possible.
  6. Choose cashless program. If you choose this program, you will be given a special card that can assure you to be legally hospitalized. So, every time you get ill and have to be hospitalized, you can always use this card. It will feel cheaper since you only have to pay installment for hospital bills by paying premium regularly.

Although you know how to get cheaper health insurance, you need to meet a financial planner to give you explanation about how cheap health insurance is. It is not a good idea to end up paying a hospital bill in disappointment. You cannot be trapped in the term “cheap health insurance” either. When you are still young and healthy and you can afford the best health insurance for you and your family, you have to do the best you can. The tips of how to get cheap health insurance hopefully can help you decide the best for you.


What is Melanoma Cancer: Learn the Signs, Causes, and Treatments

What is melanoma cancer?

As we often hear about this, we often wonder too about the nature of this cancer. Each cancer is unique, with different symptoms and causes, and treatment as well. Melanoma is one of three major types of skin cancer. Learn from the information below to know more.

Symptoms and Causes

melanoma_cancerUnderstanding what is melanoma cancer can be done starting from knowing the signs. Commonly people get large brownish spots and there are speckels in darker color on it, mole with change on size and color and it sometimes bleeds, small lesion with ireegular border and it may appear as blue-black, blue, white, or red. In most cases, this cancer is caused by sun light or UV exposure to your skin. You can get the same radiation from a tanning bed. However, other patients also develop the disease as they are widely exposed to toxic substance or as they are experiencing condition that only weakens their immune system.

Diagnosis and Tests

Before stating that you have melanoma, your doctor will possibly check your skin and remove a small part of the changed portion as sample. This sample will be brought for lab test. The removal commonly is done through a biopsy procedure. These steps don’t guarantee that you have melanoma. Many times, doctor will also recommend you to do imaging test in which the skin will get scanned in particular way. This is to find out the extent of your cancer cells. This procedure won’t be recommended unless you certainly have cancer cells on your skin.

Drugs and Treatments

For this cancer, doctor commonly recommends initial biopsy to remove the cells. However, when need to, they will also recommend freezing it with nitrogen liquid, excisional surgery to remove the entire part around the tumor, mohs surgery for larger and conserve area, curettage, electrodesiccation and cryotherapy in alternative, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, biological therapy, and photodynamic therapy. Many people like biological therapy the most as it appears to be the most natural way for a treatment. .

This cancer is actually can be prevented in most easy steps. You should avoid sun during the mid day. If you must, wear protective clothes and sunscreen. Don’t go to tanning beds and avoid sun sensitizing medication. Check your skin regularly and see a doctor if there’s a change. Learn about what is melanoma cancer and the causes, and protect your self from the risk.


What is Sarcoma Cancer, Treatment and Side Effect?

Do you know what is sarcoma cancer or adult tissue cancer?

Sarcoma cancer is cancer type that develops in skin tissues. The sarcoma cancer can found in any part of body. This cancer types are able to develop in soft tissues such as blood vessel, fibrous tissues, nerves, muscle, fat and deep skin tissues. But most of these cancers are develop in arms or legs part. This cancer also found in head, neck area, trunk, internal organs, and other area in back of abdominal cavity. Sarcoma cancer most often occurs in bones. There are about 50 types of sarcoma.

Symptom and signs of sarcoma

This following symptom and signs are available to appears and experience by people with sarcoma. However, sometimes they do not have these any symptom shows.  The first sign of the sarcoma sign is painless in arm, leg and torso that can be lump or swelling. Most of lumps signs are not include as sarcoma. When sarcoma develops in back of abdomen, the symptom will cause more often. It is able to cause pain and blockage or stomach bleeding or bowel. This cancer can grow into large enough as tumor as it felt in abdomen. It is about 20% from sarcoma are begin in abdomen area. sarcoma also able occur in outside of chest or abdomen about 10% rate, or in head and neck area around 10%. Here are the following signs of sarcoma that need to check to your doctor immediately;

  • New lump or growing lump
  • Worsened abdominal pain
  • Bleeding in stool or vomit
  • Black and tarry stools

Treatment for Sarcoma cancer

Once condition of sarcoma has diagnosed, it is best to take several treatment. The treatments are depending to the type of sarcoma, location, the stage of the sarcoma cancer and the overall physical health. The main type’s treatment for sarcoma cancers are includes surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and targeted therapy.   It is important for discuss with doctor for all treatment options, include the purpose and side effects that could appear.

Lifestyle change with soft tissue sarcoma

People that diagnose with any type of cancer should deal with treatment and it could be consuming emotional tears and time. However, it could be their new health improvement for over long term. People cannot change for fact that they have cancer, but they can change their lifestyle that makes them help to stay healthy as well as they can. Make healthier choices for example, get more exercises and good eating habit is just simple examples to do. By knowing what is sarcoma cancer further, treatment and side effect, you can improve your life and life healthier.