How does Obamacare Work?

Do you know how does obamacare work?

how does obamacare workObama Care works by mandating people to get health insurance or paying a tax start from 2014.  The Obama care provides subsidies for middle class income families and small business with taxing health care providers and families with high income. The entire goal from Obama Care is to lowering the health care cost and provides better health care for the society as whole. Obama care lowers the premium by reduce the costs of health care and insurance.

How Sign up for Obama Care

There are three signs ups ways for private insurance under ACA. First is come from marketplace, second from the broker and third is direct from the provider. Signing up Obama care from the market place is by finding the state health insurance marketplace or go directly to After that, the simple steps to choose your health insurance is requires.

  • Create your account.
  • Add social security and income information to make you qualify as tax credit or not
  • Reviews the insurance plans into 4 levels, bronze level, silver level, gold level and platinum.
  • Enroll the plans

What Obama Care Cover

By Obama care, it covers all health plans. The insurance cover with number of essential health benefit and free from preventative services.  The coverage it includes 10 essential health benefits. The plans level are able to compete with mixing the different premiums costs, deductible and co-pays. The 10 essential health benefit includes;

  • Ambulatory patient services
  • Emergency services
  • Hospitalization
  • Maternity
  • Mental health care and substance for disorder services
  • Prescription drugs
  • Rehabilitative and habilitative services
  • Laboratory services
  • Preventive and wellness services and management for chronic disease management
  • Pediatric services.

What situations will suit with Obama Care?

If there someone that have already insured, they are able to keep it with the condition of;

  • The insurance has already existed before March 23, 2010.
  • The employer keeps the insurance plans. There are many companies that use the Obama care for drop covers and change the offers.
  • The insurance company keeps your insurance plans.

The benefit with this Obama care is much and people with existed insurance plans and they do not want to change it can keep their insurance plans. The myth the around Obama Care says that it has cut benefit from Medicare is not truly cut. The feeling because ACA/Obama Care cuts funding for Medicare.  With this, we are knowing better on how does obamacare work and how it affect you.