How is Breast Cancer Treated

How is Breast Cancer Treated ?

breast_cancerDiscuss with your team how is breast cancer treated when you or people you loved are diagnoses with this one disease.  There are several options are available for treating breast cancer, it depends to breast cancer type and stage.  It is important for considering best treatment for you, due to side effect and goals you want to achieve.

Breast Cancer Treatment

How is breast cancer treated are depend to state above.  There is local treatment and systemic treatment.

  • Local treatment is use for treating tumor without affect to rest of the body. The local therapy types that use for breast cancer include surgery and radiation therapy. This type of treatment is likely purposed for earlier stage breast cancer.
  • Systemic treatment. Breast cancers are able to treat with drugs by oral treatment or bloodstream treatment. The systemic therapy is given because this therapy can reach cancer cells in any part of body. The systemic therapy includes chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and targeted therapy.

In general, most of women that suffer with breast cancer have some type of surgery for remove their breast tumor. Surgery is less main part of advanced breast cancer treatment. The typical therapy treatment for breast cancer is depend for stage and special condition from the patients such as breast cancer during pregnancy, invasive breast cancer or breast cancer stage I-IV, and on invasive breast cancer.  You can get second opinion for having best fitted breast cancer if you still hesitate for the option chosen by your doctor. The follow up care after breast cancer treatment such as routine doctor visits, mammograms, pelvic exams, test for bone density, and other tests that will prevent from future develop breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Side Effect

Depend to the treatment you choose, there are several list of side effect of treatment that you need to know. The side effect can be common, painless and suffer. Here is the side effect that most likely found in breast cancer treatment. The abdominal pain, addiction to drugs or medicine, allergic reactions for medication and therapy, anemia, anxiety and depression, changes in appetite, discomfort in armpit, back pain, bleeding and bruising problems, bone and joint pain, dehydration, dryness in skin and mouth, dizziness, coughing, cold and flu symptom, constipation and endometriosis are some side effects that most appears for breast cancer treatment.  With this knowledge for side effect, you are able to determine on how is breast cancer treated, and side effect that make you able to consider which best treatment you get.