Menopause and Hair Loss Relationship

Do you know that menopause and hair loss is related each other?

Menopause and Hair LossMenopause is a phase in women that will experience in certain point. All women are experience this, this means that there are potential risk for women that get hair loss when they get menopause. During menopause, there are physical changes that adjust to fluctuating in levels of hormone.   There is some unpleasant symptom of menopause such as hot flashes, insomnia, and mood swings and hair loss occur during menopause. Hair loss in women tends to overall thinning rather than notices as bald spots.

How Hair Loss Occur in Menopause.

The research found that hair loss in menopause caused by hormonal imbalance. In specific, it related with lowered production of hormone estrogen and progesterone that help hair grow faster and stay on the scalp for longer time. As the hormones get drops, hair also grows slowly and become thinner from previous. However, there is also other cause that stimulates hair loss in women such as high level of stress, lack of certain nutrients, and illness.

The menopause symptom can occur such as dullness, hot flashes, mood changes, increased facial hair, thinning skin, and decreased sexual desire. Menopause is an extra for hair loss accelerate. The pattern of menopause hair thinning is similar with early stages for male pattern in hair loss. There is recession in frontal hairline and temples, thickness volume reduction in each strands and increasing hair fall. Menopause and hair loss associated with loss of desires sexuality and femininity. The menopause increase androgen level and causes hair thinning and extra facial hair. The therapy hormonal can help you to reduce the hair loss in extreme since it make stabile level of hormone during menopause.

Preventing Hair Loss Menopause

These tips can make your hair healthy and strong in menopause phase.

  • Reduce stress. Manage your stress level can check the hormonal imbalance.
  • Get moving. Exercise is healthy lifestyle that able to prevent some menopause symptom such as mood swings, weight gain and insomnia.
  • Eat well. It is best defense against your menopause hair loss. Put adequate amount in every meal with whole grains, vegetables and fruits.
  • Hydrate your body. The hydration will make your body system function in properly.
  • Keep natural. Keep your hair from drying and breakage by avoiding heat tools such as straightening irons and hair dryers.

With maintaining healthy habit beyond, this can reduce menopause and hair loss result.