Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine Review

Many people realize how health is something precious. Many people then start to live in healthier lifestyle by consuming healthy foods as well as regularly exercising. There are plenty of ways to exercise even doing the petty activities like going up and down the stairways is good enough as exercise. Regularly jogging or brisk walk somewhere around the neighborhood will also be good. Some people prefer to go to the gym to use various stationary exercise machines they don’t have at home as well as acquiring advices from professional trainers working there.

An Introduction to Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine Review

Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine ReviewThere is nothing wrong with going to a fitness center regularly. However, if working out on a trainer is something wanted every now and then; purchasing the trainer will actually be a great choice. If you are the type to go to gym regularly, you may start to think of your personal gym at home. Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine review can be an excellent option. This is an elliptical trainer from Schwinn that offers 22 presets of exercise program as well as 20 resistance levels. With a very affordable price for its range, this one trainer can be an ideal choice for home gym.

Detailed Key Specifications

Performance Features

  • 20 levels of resistance coming from eddy current brake resistance.
  • 22 total of workout programs to be tried.
  • 9 profile programs available.
  • Heart rate monitor through gripping the static handle bars.
  • 8 heart rate programs: 4 beginner programs and 4 advanced programs.
  • The other programs include quick start, 2 custom programs and 2 fitness test programs.
  • 10 incline of ramp available in 6 positions that must be manually adjusted.
  • Standard stride of 20-inches Precision Path™.
  • Drive System High Speed with the high inertia perimeter weighted flywheel.
  • Console and Display Features
  • DualTrack™ display with 2 LCDs window system. The primary display is 3-inches x 5-inches. The secondary display is 1-inch x 5-inches.
  • The display will show: RPM, distance, calories, pulse, time, speed, level of resistance, profiles, intensity level, percentage complete indicator, heart rate indicator, user indicator and goals or achievements.
  • User profiles available are two profiles.
  • The resistance levels can be adjusted with quick keys 10.
  • Goal tracker will keep users on track of their performance.
  • Integrated Features
  • Large footplates with cushions for more comfort.
  • Moving and static handle bars.


  • 3-speed cooling fan.
  • A holder for water bottle.
  • Sound system with acoustic chamber for louder sound.
  • A media tray.
  • USB connection for charging as data export to the application Schwinn Connect™ as well as
  • Wheels for easier transportation.
  • Integrated levelers and rear stabilizers.
  • Physical Details
  • Dimensions: 5 ¼ feet tall, 5 ½ feet long and 2 ½ feet wide or 63.2-inches tall, 70.1-inches long and 28.2 wide or 160.5 cm tall, 178.1 cm long and 71.5 cm wide.
  • Weight: 76.5 kg or 168.7 lbs.
  • Maximum User Weight: 136 kg or 350 lbs.
  • Minimum Ceiling Height: Footplate height (53 cm) + user height + a few more inches for clearance and comfort.
  • Power Requirements Plugs: Standard electrical wall outlet of 110V-120V cicuit. Power adapter is included. 120V 60Hz input ad 9VDC, 1.5A output AC.


  • Electrical Warranty: 1 year
  • Frame Warranty: 10 years
  • Labor Warranty: 90 days
  • Mechanical Warranty: 2 years

A Closer Look to the Machine

schwinn 430 elliptical machine reviewsSchwinn 430 Elliptical Machine has solid build and able to support up to 350 lbs. It has the really good front-drive that is very stable and easy to be stepped up on. The LCD console will help in working out by displaying the number of burned calories, resistance level, distance and time of a workout session. It has the stride fixed at 20 inches or in other words, it’s the standard stride. This elliptical trainer is 5 ¼ feet tall, 5 ½ feet long and 2 ½ feet wide. The measurement makes it obvious that it’s no particularly small machine and thus buyers need to consider space as well.

Monitoring Heart Rate through Handle Bars

The elliptical trainer has two sets of handle bars. There are moving handle bars that can be used in every exercise to add more movement into the exercise and burn more calories. There are also the static handle bars those cannot be moved but will be useful to measure the heart rates during exercise. You will need to grasp these static handle bars for about 10 seconds to properly measure the accurate heart rate. Some of the best elliptical machines are compatible with chest heart rate monitor. However, Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine doesn’t have this feature and from some people. However, the static handle bars are a good replacement.

Convenient Application

As a considerably affordable elliptical exercise machine, Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine is surely packed with really good features. Aside of the two mentioned earlier, there are also other features those will be very useful. MyFitnessPal or Swinn Connect applications can be used and connected to the trainer. This is a very useful thing to keep track and monitor every workout session that you’ve done. You can record your time, calories and distance conveniently. With this feature, you can keep on motivating yourself in reaching the fitness goals.

A Machine for Two

This is a great machine to be used by two people at once. Why? The reason is simple, it’s the setting. It is meant to be used by two people at once – although that you can use it all for yourself as well. This is a great thing because you will be able to motivate yourself as well as motivating the other user to work in reaching your respective fitness goals. This one simple and very useful feature is accompanying the other useful features as well as a set of accessories for the more convenient while using this Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine.

Fun and Useful Accessories

Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine is equipped with a set of accessories for the more fun and convenient exercises every single time. There is a holder for water bottle so that you can put enough water to drink during the time you do your exercise. There are also speakers and the MP3 player input for you to have fun while exercising. You may as well put a book or even a tablet on specific holder. Again, this is convenient and fun. The last but not least, a cooling fan with 3-speed will keep anyone exercising cooler and won’t be bothered too much by sweat.

A Little Inconvenient

If there is something bothering about this Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine, it would be the inability to adjust the incline while the machine is being used. When you working out, you may want to adjust the incline but this is impossible with this elliptical trainer. If you want to adjust the incline, you will need to stop working out and then adjust the incline manually by lowering or raising the available handle. It is not a particularly bugging type of problem. However, it certainly inconvenient especially when trying to target the specific muscles while working out.

The User Friendly Machine

schwinn 430 elliptical machine reviewThis Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine is very user friendly. Every feature can be used properly and easily by anyone using the machine. Some people may get confused a little bit at the beginning especially because the user manual is not included. Don’t worry though. Schwinn doesn’t forget about manual for users. However, the manual will need to be printed alone via the official website and some people complaint about this. Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine’s price is considerably very affordable. And that’s the reason why many people expect the manual to be ready and not one that needs to be printed first.

Pros and Cons

Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine is not perfect. It does have its flaws following the good things truly loved by the users of this trainer. Overall, the pros outweigh the cons. This makes it obvious that this elliptical exercise machine is really good and many people will find it as one enjoyable unit to be used regularly for fitness.

  • Positive
    1. Cool fitness programs for more variations in exercising.
    2. Convenient ability to get connected to Schwinn Connect™ application and MyFitnessPal to keep track on fitness progress.
    3. 2 profiles setting.
    4. 2 sets of handle bars – static and moveable.
    5. Capable of supporting 350 lbs maximum user weight which is higher compare to its competitors.
    6. The center frame provides stability during the exercises.
    7. Good and convenient set of accessories.
  • Negative
    1. Manual incline adjustment is inconvenient
    2. Despite designed to be portable, it’s quite heavy. Make sure to have the right space and it won’t be moved too often.
    3. It’s not the most quiet machine and known to have a little bit of rickety sound but nothing unbearable.

Getting the Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine Ready

Assembling this trainer is not something particularly difficult to be done. It’s fairly easy to be done but some people find difficulties in trying to get the parts together. When it comes to this, user manual will be the savior but first, you need to download and print the manual. The manual is good and clear enough. Before assembling the machine, it’s important to prepare the space. Keep in mind that the space doesn’t only need to be spacious enough but also need to be close to an electricity outlet required by the machine. Be aware that some parts are greased and you don’t want to make your carpet floor dirty.

The Ideal Exercises on Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine

schwinn 430 elliptical machine reviewsWhen you are searching for a fitness machine, you will eventually asking about the best exercises to be done upon that machine. Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine is an elliptical machine that will be best for the upper as well as the lower body. Many users say that this is a great machine for cardio and toning exercises while others also say that will be a great one for quick exercises. One thing for sure, the machine will bring truly good benefits for you if you are able to use it at its fullest. You can use different programs and different levels of resistance to achieve your goals in exercising.

Elliptical Stationary Exercise Machine Could Be the One for You

Elliptical trainer is a kind of stationary exercise machine made to stimulate running, stair climbing and walking without causing excessive pressure to the joints. This is a good thing because the risk of impact injuries is considerably reduced. Therefore, the elliptical trainers are perfect for the people who have injuries but still want to work out regularly. Elliptical trainers like Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine are often looked down and considered not good enough in burning calories. This is actually not true especially with additional features to help burning more calories.

What matters more is how to use the machine. When being used correctly, you will get great results coming from your exercises on the elliptical trainer. For the best result, it’s recommended that you do the following things while exercising:

  • Start and then stay at base pace and then increase the incline setting little by little.
  • Try to do 5 minute intervals of different resistance level.
  • Move at base pace for a few minutes and then double the speed.

The things above are just a little bit of examples. You can always try different programs in order to get better fitness.


In a nutshell, Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine is a really good machine to help exercising. It is offered at affordable price with very good features. Its inability to adjust the incline easily as you exercising may be inconvenient but it can be compromised in the process. The machine also has plenty of good features and accessories to support your exercise. Now, it’s up to the users to properly use it.

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