Sudden Hair Loss in Women in Earlier Age

sudden hair loss in womenThe sudden hair loss in women is the upsetting problem that causes self -esteem decrease. Understanding the causes of this hair loss can help women deal with the best possible ways. Sudden hair loss in women, also called with alopecia. This is a condition where hair loss much more than how it can grow. In normal, hair is grows approximately ΒΌ inch per month. Hair loss is occur when the hair amount that falls out is greater number than the hair produces.

Causes of sudden hair loss

Generally, women also have hair loss such as men, but this does not result to the baldness. It comes into hair thinning and never experiences the complete hair loss. The causes of sudden hair loss are personal and depend with complicated factors. It can be categorized into physical and psychological causes.

  • Physical causes

The hormonal imbalance is the most common causes of sudden hair loss. Testosterone becomes the main hair producing hormone in body. . When they healthy, there are balanced level of estrogen and testosterone hormones that makes hormone DHT that responsible for hair growth controlled. When women hormone balance disturbed with certain causes, the estrogen level will fluctuate and leaving production of DHT uncontrolled. Therefore, it is important for control the balance condition.

  • Psychological causes

There are several conditions such as anxiety, stress, tired and fatigue are able to cause sudden hair loss in women. When these things are uncontrolled, this can make women more emotional unstable and causes the body imbalance that can result sudden hair loss. However, this is common for temporary and stops as the stressful ends.

Treating sudden hair loss

Treating sudden hair loss can make women self-confidence increase. They are able to get healthier hair and shiny hair. The most common chemical treatment that women prefer take is Rogaine. This is topical over the counter medication that helps to reduce the hair loss. However, it might take long time for several hair condition that too damage to relief. It requires at least 1 year seeing the affectivity from the medications.

The key to get the right treatment for your sudden hair loss is early detection. Your doctor will let you know the best treatment base on your hair condition and type. If you curious you get sudden hair loss in women, you should take medication immediately. This will prevent you from losing hair in fast and uncontrolled.