Temporary Medical Insurance

Temporary Medical InsuranceThe temporary medical insurance offer individual and families with affordable insurance solution with quick and easy process application and peace of mind to know you now are having health insurance. This insurance type will coverage your health protection and finance when you get major medical insurance plans.

What is temporary medical insurance?

The temporary medical insurance is health insurance that covers as few as 30 days or as many as 364 days. This type of insurance is designed to be temporary solution and do not intended for long-term medical insurance.

What are the benefits temporary medical insurance offers?

The benefit might varies depend to the agent, but in general it offers inpatient and outpatient hospital care, intensive care, outpatient emergency visit, surgical and ambulance services and many more. The temporary medical insurance is offer option with deductible type and coinsurance percentage.  Since this insurance is not intended for long-term insurance, the benefits are less robust rather than the medical plans.  This insurance are not includes the essential health benefit or filled the requirements that most of people must have health insurance. This temporary medical insurance not prevents you from owing tax penalty for having insurance without going to minimum essential coverage.

Cost for temporary medical insurance

The temporary medical insurance is designed to economical budget.  The average for premium savings compare to major medical insurance plan is about 50%. The cost still varies depend to the plans option that have been selected. The temporary medical insurance offers the flexibility the plans’ owner to choose health care providers. With this, the owner no needs to worry about the network. In addition, they are able to save money by having their in-network provider that have discount rates for certain condition.

Who will suit to have this temporary medical insurance?

There are several life situations that ideal for having this health insurance such as seasonal worker, college students includes the international students, foreign travelers,  individual and the family from self-employed families, unemployed, recently divorces and the dependents, individuals and families that unable to afford the major medical insurance. When you are in these conditions, it is best to choose this insurance type for you. As you purchase insurance, you also still require to estimates the budget you have and the needs for your care health compare to the coverage of temporary medical insurance offered.  Health history, doctor visits frequency, drugs use, and desired length coverage can be your factors to determine before buying.