The Best Hair Treatment for Damaged Hair

best hair treatment for damaged hairHere best hair treatment for damaged hair, dull and frizzy and make your hair healthier. Your early detection for damaging hair can make best treatment and begin healing process immediately. There are several ways for treatment damaged hair such as gentle shampoo use, conditioners and use styling products that will help to bring the wrecked hair to life again.

Healthy habit for healthy hair

Start these healthy habits to make your damaged hair healthier ever.

  • Hair trimming. The first thing that you can do for your straw textured damaged hair is get hair trimming for make it better and restore as past. You can do layered trim to make your hair look best without cutting in extreme lengths. You also should follow with restorative shampoo use, styling products and conditioners.
  • Avoid hot styling tools if available. Using blow dry, curling and straightening irons can damage hair. Leave your hair dry naturally or when it times must to use irons, fortifying with leave in conditioner and finish with spray.
  • Say goodbye to any chemical and hair color. Reconsider chemical hair process before you do, as you get damage hair.  Use ammonia free and demi-permanent formula that safer for the damaged hair.
  • Use right shampoo and conditioner. Select your best shampoo sulfate free and conditioner that formulated for damage hair. The damaged hair must avoid shampoo with sodium laurel or laureth sulfates. If possible, do not shampoo more than twice a week, too frequently shampooing can strip damaged hair and make brittle condition.

Natural Hair Remedies for Damaged Hair

If you worrying chemical products for damaged hair will make it worst, you can do such things below.

  • Mask your hair with ripped avocado once a week and one a month for maintaining.
  • Conditioning with olive oil.
  • Rinse with tea. Tea can enhance hair color and make it shiny.

Products for damaged hair

You can buy these products to relief your damaged hair. Combine with natural remedies and treatment above to make it works well best.

  • Aveda dry remedy moisturizing masque. This product locks moisture and shine hair without weighing down your hair style.
  • Julien Farel Vitamin Restore.  This product gives you he daily vitamin dose with rich vitamin E that subtitutes shampoo and conditioner for your hair.
  • John Freida full repair oil elixir. This product makes fully moisturizer for thicker hair textures.

This top three lists best hair treatment for damaged hair will repair your damaged hair and make it healthier, shiny and thicker.