The Overview of HCG Diet Injections

Hcg diet injections is basically another diet program that relies on the work of a natural hormone in the body, which is naturally produced when a women is pregnant. The promise of hcg diet relies on the premise that the hormone injection could help your body to reset its metabolism, making your body lose much more pounds within the span of day without you having to feel constantly faint, weak, or even hungry. However, apparently science has another say in behind the phenomena.

Some studies have proven that any super-low-cal dietary program can contribute a lot to weight loss, and it is not necessarily linked to the influence of hcg, which is an abbreviation of human chorionic gonadotropin, a particular kind of hormone which are produced massively during pregnancy. Either by taking a shot or consuming homeopathic product ranging from pellets, sprays, or drops, many of manufacturers of this particular dietary product will encourage you to take them while keeping low-intake on the calorie, which is a particularly hard thing to maintain or do.
Moreover, none of these are approved for weight loss by FDA, even though the shots and the medication of hcg itself are legal in law as long as it is given by a health care provided to treat issues concerning fertility. However, in reality, the over-the-counter medications or other health products of hcg are not. Keep in mind about this and do consult with your doctor if you are planning to use one.