The Purpose of Body Cleansing Diet

Body cleansing dietBody cleansing diet is also called as detox diet; this type of diet is usually linked to a low calories diet. Some people are doing their detox diet by consuming juice without proper meal, while other prefers to drink water. The purpose of detox diet is basically to cleansing your organ and to lessen the workload of your digestive system. But, by consuming poor calories, you tend to develop serious problem to the kidney, colon and liver. To do this type of diet, you need to consume more water, vegetables and fruits instead of meat and fish, because fruits and vegetable are easy to digest. We recommend you to eat raw vegetables instead of the cooked one; because if you overcooked the vegetable, you might lose the nutrients.

There are several aspects that you need to avoid while doing a body cleansing diet.

  • First, you need to avoid any alcohol, coffee, or tea. You also need to avoid consuming sugar, salt, meat, fish and dairy product.
  • You can say that a detox diet is more like vegetarian program or raw plant based diet, because you can only consume vegetables and the fruits within couple days.
  • You can enjoy both fruits and vegetables as salad or smoothies; depend on your liking as long as you did not add any sugar and salt to your meal.