Up and Down Circle on Calorie Shifting Diet

calory shifting dietCalorie shifting diet is a type of diet where you need to maintain the amount of calories in up and down circle, the procedures is quite different with other type of diet. Usually, people with diet tend to eat their meal based on the quota of calories; such as eating 1300 or 1500 calories for each day.

While calorie shifting diet tries to adapt your calories consumption into up and down circle, so the amount of calories that you eat every day will be different.

Up and down procedures on calorie shifting diet is an approach where you need to eat fewer calories for a day then switch up to more calories for the next day; you need to repeat up and down circle within 7 days.

The amount of calories that you need to consume in a day can’t more than 2000 or less than 1200; so if you take 1200 calories for today, then the next day you need to take 2000 calories. Your meal time within a day is divided into 7 times including breakfast, snack, lunch, 2nd snack, dinner, 3rd snack, and supper. Your snack can’t be more than 100 calories, so you better consume fruits instead of sweet cake.