Use the Best Gym Workout Routines for Women to Get Strong and Toned

best gym workout routines for womenFind the best gym workout routines for women will really help them getting a toned body. Going to the gym is already a big step for women who want to shape the body but being skeptical about lifting weights. However, you do not have to worry, after a few weeks you will see amazing results that will make you more confident. You will never forget this journey. Allow yourself to enjoy the process!

Workout Plan

The best gym workout routines for women consist of five days of weight training with 3 of the 5 days are filled with cardio workouts. You do not need to spend countless hours in the gym to get a sexy and toned body in a week. A change takes time and patience. Use two days to rest and allow your muscles to recover and heal between sessions. Your body deserves it.

Cardio Training

Cardio is very important to shed fat and increase oxygen delivery to muscles. It is for a slimmer, toned look. For any form of cardio – usually treadmills, stationary bikes, and stair climbers – make sure you start at a slower pace and increase it every 2 minutes. Remember to cool down afterward. Decrease your speed every 2 minutes until you are sufficiently cooled. Those are your warm up and cool down. Perform cardio workout three days for 10-20 minutes.

Weight Training

Start with high reps with light or moderate weights. You have to increase the weight if you start to feel lighter. In addition, remember to work on any other muscle group in the process. Do not focus your training on specific areas.

For example:

Day 1

Keep things simple in doing the best gym workout routines for women, especially if you are just learning the basics. Let your body becomes accustomed to weight training.

Goblet squat 3×8. Feel free to use dumbbells or kettle bell since both of them will give similar training stimulus. Try one by one to see which one you prefer.

Half Turkish get up 3×3/side and eccentric push up. Start with 3-4 second eccentric for every rep and increase gradually over time.

Day 2

Make several variations of core and pulling work like DB Bench 3×6, band pull apart 3×10, band assisted chin up 3×4, and continued with half kneeling face pull 2×12. Use a medium density band around the pull-up bar and loop it around your feet to provide some assistance if you do not have access to the pull-up assistance machine.

Day 3

Include some incline push up for some additional training. Continue with inverted row 3×8, seated leg curl 2×10, and side plank w/reach 2×4-6/side.

Got it? On to the moves! Doing the best gym workout routines for women will not make you .bulky, a bad diet will!. And also consume natural diet pills to gain the result faster.