What is Melanoma Cancer: Learn the Signs, Causes, and Treatments

What is melanoma cancer?

As we often hear about this, we often wonder too about the nature of this cancer. Each cancer is unique, with different symptoms and causes, and treatment as well. Melanoma is one of three major types of skin cancer. Learn from the information below to know more.

Symptoms and Causes

melanoma_cancerUnderstanding what is melanoma cancer can be done starting from knowing the signs. Commonly people get large brownish spots and there are speckels in darker color on it, mole with change on size and color and it sometimes bleeds, small lesion with ireegular border and it may appear as blue-black, blue, white, or red. In most cases, this cancer is caused by sun light or UV exposure to your skin. You can get the same radiation from a tanning bed. However, other patients also develop the disease as they are widely exposed to toxic substance or as they are experiencing condition that only weakens their immune system.

Diagnosis and Tests

Before stating that you have melanoma, your doctor will possibly check your skin and remove a small part of the changed portion as sample. This sample will be brought for lab test. The removal commonly is done through a biopsy procedure. These steps don’t guarantee that you have melanoma. Many times, doctor will also recommend you to do imaging test in which the skin will get scanned in particular way. This is to find out the extent of your cancer cells. This procedure won’t be recommended unless you certainly have cancer cells on your skin.

Drugs and Treatments

For this cancer, doctor commonly recommends initial biopsy to remove the cells. However, when need to, they will also recommend freezing it with nitrogen liquid, excisional surgery to remove the entire part around the tumor, mohs surgery for larger and conserve area, curettage, electrodesiccation and cryotherapy in alternative, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, biological therapy, and photodynamic therapy. Many people like biological therapy the most as it appears to be the most natural way for a treatment. .

This cancer is actually can be prevented in most easy steps. You should avoid sun during the mid day. If you must, wear protective clothes and sunscreen. Don’t go to tanning beds and avoid sun sensitizing medication. Check your skin regularly and see a doctor if there’s a change. Learn about what is melanoma cancer and the causes, and protect your self from the risk.