What is Skinny Girl Diet? And Who can Take It?

Skinny girl diet is a short term diet, it might be a strict type of diet; but it can shape your body within a week. This type of diet is similar with fasting, because you can only consume not more than 400 calories for a day excluding vegetables and fruits. Basically, it is a type of diet which encourages you to eat more vegetables and fruits instead of carbohydrate and protein. In doing the diet, you also need to drink plenty of water, because you still need to do your daily exercise; lessen the consumption of salt and sugar is also needed to get the desired result.

Doctor said that consuming less than 800 calories for a day is quite dangerous, because it might lead to health problem including dizziness and nausea. They said that you must calculate your meal’s calories without slackening the nutrition. Skinny girl diet is only suitable for those who want to reduce their weight for a time being, but we do not recommend this type of diet for those who take diet for a long period. You need to consult with your doctor before deciding to take this type of diet, since the amount of calories that you can consume within a day is too low; it might cause serious problem for some people.